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DMCA1 is a Designated Agent for DMCA registrations. The Digitial Millennium Copyright Act provides protections for web site and ISP operators against copyright infringement, defamation and privacy torts, provided that the proper requirements are followed, including having a designated agent noticed on the site and registered with the U.S. Copyright Office/USPTO., Blue Planet Offices, Inc. and various divisions are registered with the USPTO.

The DMCA does not cover trademarks, although it is often abused in that manner. Service providers and websites are protected by the Communications Decency Act against libel/defamation liability and copyright infringement for postings by third parties. There is no safe harbor for trademark infringement although there is fair use.

DMCA1, a service of Blue Planet Registrar Corporation and Blue Planet Security Corporation, which are divisions of Blue Planet Offices, Inc. These are part of a family of sites providing security related services for the internet including, and

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The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998 is a United States copyright law that implements two 1996 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The DMCA does not cover internet providers or sites automatically. There are two major requirements that must be followed, otherwise the protection of the act can be defeated in court and the site or provider can be held personally liable.

Dan F. Schramm, CEO of Blue Planet Offices, Inc. will serve as your designated agent. DMCA1, a service of Blue Planet Registrar Corporation and Blue Planet Offices, Inc. provides a commercial designated agent service, much like the corporate registered agent service provided by Blue Planet, in cases where the owner or owners of a site or service wish to maintain personal privacy. The DMCA notification on the site and the registration with the U.S. Copyright Office tells everyone where to find you and contact you, not just those wanting to make a copyright or defamation complaint.

We also provide a U.S. Registered Agent for foreign supplements, drug and medical equipment companies that want to do business in the U.S. at Blue Planet Registrar Corporation.

The designated agent must have an address that is publicly accessible (no post office boxes) along with a telephone number, fax number and email address.

Simply having a DMCA statement and an email address for notification is NOT adequate under the act, although it is common. If the requirements of the act are not adhered to, the protection of the DMCA can be defeated in a civil action. Many plaintiffs' would love to go after the provider or site operator who probably has deeper pockets than some individual poster or blogger.

This is similar to starting a civil action in Florida for libel or a similar tort. If a media defendant is involved, Florida State Law requires a legally proper five day notice to the defendant before filing the civil action. If this requirement is not met, there is no cure. The civil action will be dismissed with prejudice.

NEWS FLASH: As of December 1, 2016 all registrations of DMCA agents must be done electronically and all those with paper records must update their registrations on the electronic system before December 31, 2016. The price of $6.00 for the transition only applied to previous registrants during the December registration period. The cost $105 for a single registration plus $35 for each group of ten websites remains the same.


DMCA1 now offers a new registration service centered on privacy. Domain registrars offer private domain registrations and using DMCA1 as your Designated Agent allows that privacy to be maintained. In addition registration is not any cheaper. If you register yourself at the, you are giving up your privacy which rather defeats the purpose of paying a domain registrar for privacy protection. In additon your site will be more professional using a DMCA registrar.

Effective May 25, 2019 domain privacy services will be effectively out of business (or just useless and meaningless) as the GDPR takes effect in Europe and WHOIS as we now know it will no longer be available. Only the information of the Registrar will be provided, along with basic info like registration date and DNS. Although GDPR is the privacy law of the European Union, it will largely affect the U.S. as well. However, to maintain your privacy and take advantage of the DMCA, you still need to use a registration agent such as

We also provide an excellent small graphic and html code to easily place a DMCA notice on any of your web pages with a clickable link to certify that Blue Planet/DMCA1 is your Designated Agent. Our service also saves you the work of providing your own reporting form. Our notice and logo also makes your website look more professional and reliable to the public and is beneficial even if you do not host third party content.

We offer a choice of 3 signup levels depending upon the number of DMCA Takedown Notices that you expect. If you expect more than 50 per year, please contact us for a quote. Our processing of additional Takedown Notices is $1.00 each. Please complete the form after signing up so that we have accurate contact information for you. This service is for Takedown Notices sent to you, concerning potentially infringing materials on your website.

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The designated agent needs to be an individual, thus the CEO of Blue Planet Offices, Inc., Dan F. Schramm will serve in the capacity of Designated Agent. There is absolutely no requirement that the designated agent be the owner of the site, or an officer or employee of the corporate entity that owns the site. Blue Planet Offices, Inc. is a professional Registered Agent for corporations and LLC's in Florida and has many years of service in this capacity. Additional related services will shortly be available at and offers an Apple and Android APP for quickly issuing DMCA TakeDown Notices from your phone or tablet. We provide this link as a public service.

Incorporate in Florida: Protect your name and intellectual property in Florida. Free incorporation help and the state filing fee is only $70.00. Blue Planet Offices, Inc. is a professional Florida Registered Agent and competitively priced at only $49.95 per year. Every corporation and LLC must have a registered agent in the state they are incorporated in and in every state where they are registered as a foreign corporation. Obtain Florida trademarks and learn about the importance of state trademarks at

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